Why do women lose hair? In many women, hair is an important part of their identity, so having a shiny and healthy scalp is of the utmost importance. Female alopecia is a condition of increasing concern. That is why at the DHI Panama Hair Transplant Clinic in Latin America, we are focused on offering complete diagnoses along with the best treatments.

WHY DO WOMEN LOSE HAIR? What is female alopecia?

Alopecia is a hair disorder characterized by progressive hair loss. While hair loss is usually a male-related disorder, more and more women are being affected, unlike hair loss, which usually occurs gradually and rarely reaches advanced stages.
In fact, 40% of women over the age of 35 experience hair loss in their lifetime. Due to the social stress and psychological damage that hair loss can cause, more and more people trust our team of professionals and our advanced treatments and techniques applied at the DHI Panama Hair Transplant Clinic in Latin America.


Hair loss in women is diagnosed when the hair is thinning, although it is rare to have large areas without hair. This pathology, if not treated, can progress to very advanced stages, hindering the success of treatment. Therefore, when massive hair loss is detected, it is imperative to turn to hair specialists in Panama. This allows the causes of hair loss to be studied and the type of hair loss to be diagnosed in a timely manner in order to provide the most appropriate treatment for each case.

Female alopecia and its possible treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma

An increasingly popular treatment for its incredible results. Plasma is an autologous treatment, in which enriched plasma is extracted from the patient’s own blood and redistributed through microinjections into the scalp. It is important to take into account that the growth factors in the Platelet Rich Plasma will make the living follicles grow, as well as strengthen them, but where the follicle has already died (in the case of advanced alopecia) only a hair transplant can be of help.

Hair Mesotherapy

Another treatment that in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma will help thicken the follicle and slow down the fall. Through microinjections, a cocktail of nutrients is introduced into the scalp. This treatment is minimally invasive and without the risk of side effects.

Hair Transplant in Women

Treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma or Hair Mesotherapy are excellent options when hair loss is detected early. In cases where it is already advanced or very aggressive, the only option available to recover the hair is a Hair Transplant with the DHI technique. Why is the DHI technique the best option?

Minimally invasive
Fast recovery
100% Natural Results
In the case of women, it is not necessary to shave the entire head, only a small area in the donor area.
Almost no cuts are made and virtually no pain or no scars.

If you are worried about the way your hair has been falling out, contact us at DHI Panama, you can have a free online consultation through WhatsApp 6349-5550; by filling out our contact form or writing to the chat on the website.