Scabs after hair transplant

Scabs after Hair Transplant. If you are thinking of having a hair transplant in Panama City, Latin America, you may be suspicious of scabbing after the procedure. But you have nothing to worry about. These scabs appear naturally and fall off after about two weeks. They can last several days if the serum is used and the transplant area is cared for according to all the instructions of the medical team. We explain why scab formation occurs after hair surgery, and we clarify the most common doubts.

Why do scabs appear after Hair Transplantation?

The formation of a hair transplant scab is a 100% natural process that all patients experience. Let’s see what causes it.
Before implanting the follicular unit in the recipient area, the specialist must make a series of punctures to open the channel that will receive the follicle. This can cause fluid to appear on the scalp and possibly edema, a collection of fluid. In the days after the procedure, these fluids come out of the open pores or channels. When it dries out and mixes with dead skin residue, it scabs over.

The tip of the implantation tool used in the DHI technique is very fine. Therefore, the scabs that appear are very small and heal quickly. In turn, when the channels are opened to extract the follicular units from the donor area, some spots with blood may appear. These will dry out and turn into scabs.

How soon will the scabs fall off?

The scabs usually appear 2-3 days after the hair transplant procedure with the DHI technique. At first, they are very attached to the scalp. But from the tenth day, if you follow the advice and care that we have indicated at  DHI Panama hair transplant clinic, these scabs will gradually fall off without any problem.

How should the scab be treated after a hair transplant?

During the first few days after a hair transplant, the scab should not be touched or scratched, and no attempt should be made to remove it. You have to let them fall on their own.
We recommend moisturizing the recipient area with a spray or with warm water or a physiological serum until the scabs fall off, which will be in about 10 days. This will help relieve itching.

What if we don’t clean the scab?

The scabs should be removed on the tenth day. Otherwise, its accumulation can clog the pores of the skin in the affected area, preventing sweating and causing significant problems for the health of the hair.

And the Donor Area?

Yes, it is normal for a scab to appear in the donor area (back or side of the head) after a hair transplant.
These must be eliminated, since we have explained that those in the reception area are eliminated. As a result, the entire scalp will remain clean and there will be no risk of further complications such as infection or inflammation.

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