My hair is falling out, help!

My hair is falling out. There are different degrees of hair loss that can be used to assess hair loss. And there are different degrees of hair loss that determine its type. In fact, it is estimated that about 100 hairs are lost every day. However, there are many factors that can indicate abnormal leaks. For example, when it lasts more than 3 months and/or is localized. In this case, it is best to see our team of specialists at the DHI Clinic in Panama. Therefore, in addition to being able to establish a diagnosis that determines the cause, you will also be able to determine the right treatment.

Hair loss can cause cosmetic and emotional problems in those who suffer from it. Fortunately for Latin America, the DHI Panama Hair Transplant Clinic has the most advanced Hair Implant and Restoration technique in the world.

The DHI technique has worldwide reach and renown with 100% results in each procedure.

My hair is falling out – Norwood Scale for male pattern baldness

This is a scale that can identify baldness to determine what treatments can be applied to prevent falls. It is a daily scale used by clinics specializing in hair loss. To help you understand: It’s not the same to see a visibly receding hairline or to see the top of your head lighten as it is to start with generalized hair loss in the upper half. The degrees of the scale are not the same, so each case will be handled differently.
The Norwood scale has 7 degrees. Up to grade 2, falls can be prevented with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. But it is important to understand that new hair cannot grow in areas where there is no hair follicle. What Platelet Rich Plasma does is fundamentally strengthen it to improve its condition and prevent it from continuing to decline. The application lasts only 30 minutes and consists of the introduction of plasma into the scalp by microinjection.
Although hair transplants are also done on a scale of 2, there are very few cases. From scales 3 and 4 it is much more common to be referred for a Hair Restoration. Our recommendation is that you forget about medicines, lotions, or shampoos that promise many things. Since there is no more effective method than transplant.

Ludwig scale for female alopecia

Hair loss in women affects almost a third who see how their hair begins to lose density, more or less noticeably, especially in times such as pregnancy or menopause. The Ludwig Scale of Female Hair Loss helps determine what stage you are in.

If you are worried about the way your hair has been falling out, contact us at DHI Panama, you can have a free online consultation through WhatsApp 6349-5550; by filling out our contact form or writing to the chat on the website.