Costo de un trasplante de Cabello

Hair transplant cost

Hair transplant cost. After researching the hair transplant market in Latin America and the United States. We can quickly answer the question of how much a hair transplant will cost. Prices can vary widely without distinguishing between geographic regions: From $4,000 to $12,000.

Cost of a DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI technique is the most advanced in the industry. The secret of the results lies in the standardized protocols that we follow worldwide to take care of the viability of the implanted follicle.

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price of a hair transplant

The trend of traveling to Turkey for a cheap hair transplant is running all over the world. But the truth is that the results of these procedures are risky. It is important to take into account:
Technique: DHI Panama, we use the direct hair implantation technique (DHI). Almost no cuts are made and virtually no pain or no scars.

Doctor’s experience: The experience, skill and suitability of the specialist is a very important point to take into account when performing a procedure like this.

Natural results: our technique, together with the doctor’s experience, allows us to deliver the natural results that everyone talks about. You can see more of them here: Results!

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